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    I would like to start this off by saying this is my own personal opinion, and I just felt as though i wanted to voice my opinion on this server. I have played this server for a while now, on and off again for probably 4 or more years. possibly much more, i haven't really kept track. I always come back to this server after awhile because I really do believe it is unique and very fun to play, however as i continue to play, I soon become more and more disappointed.

    to preface these criticisms, i would have to say my biggest complaint is how geared this server is towards those who already have everything. I have played with 4 of my other friends, and they all agree on this same point. The veterans run the entire world, and when i've asked advice from other players about how to take down the veterans, they simply say "don't even bother trying to fight them, they are practically invincible". It feels as though every noob is like a rat trying to scrounge things from under the veteran players, which is really no fun. Trying to get any airdrops from a team of veterans is literally impossible, and that means they get their hands on every top tier item almost every time. with all due respect, if you want this server to succeed, you need the game to be wayyyy more balanced and fair to NEW players. I don't know if you have ever watched any shows like Bar Rescue or Kitchen Nightmares, but a common excuse the failing restaurant owners use is "well i don't want to change things because it might alienate my existing customers". But that isn't how you succeed, you need to find a balance, not a server that completely favors ONLY existing veteran players.

    Other things I think should change include:

    Weapons: During this meta, It has become increasingly clear how overpowered both Automatic Shotguns and Heavy Duty Snipers are. Like a player with full military or mid-high grade armor still gets one shot from either of these pretty much. And i know a bunch of people are going to shit on me about this, but I believe that:
    1. Snipers should do less damage in general so they stop one shotting everyone. (or, perhaps make armor more efficient at blocking the damage from them)
    2. Automatic shotguns have reduced damage or way bigger spread/recoil when fired.

    Basically the veterans either snipe you from miles away or run at you at mach 9 and shotgun spray you to death before you have time to react. It's so bad that it is basically not really worth using any Assault rifles, carbines, rifles, or any SMG type weapon because shotties and snipers do the job better (which excludes like proably 70% of all the guns in the game). I believe that upper tier guns in general should be nerfed so people have some time to react to battles rather than just being blown out of the water. It would make the game much more interesting and fun with more players, and that all types of guns would be worth using, not just shotties and snipers. Not dying in a half of a second would really allow someone to fight back rather than just dying and losing everything they have in the blink of an eye. It would allow noobs who took the time to loot some decent armor and stuff they want, and not feel as though they're still just as helpless as without all of that new stuff.

    Rewards: this is more of a brainstorm, but i still feel as though another big problem i have faced is i take hours and hours looting or grinding for things just to lose it all to some person killing me before i have a chance to do anything. Once again, this sort of relates to above ( how i would like it so people dont take so much damage from everything). But it sucks knowing like when you die, you have to start pretty much all over, it doesn't feel as though you're working towards something. The rankups just don't seem worth it to me to even buy past a certain point, and the only thing i really get are some tokens. Those tokens are pretty much only being saved up for a singular soul crate, something i have grinding for many many hours to get, while veterans get them pretty frequently from the airdrops they camp.

    Airdrops: I have had such a big problem with airdrops throughout the time I've played on this server. At first people with gliders would shotgun you as they flew by, and now they're in preset locations with 10 minutes for people to prepare for them. Now the veterans completely control every single one. Some possible suggestions are to maybe make them so they just drop where the flare was actually fired or perhaps make them fall faster (combination of both?) so that the veterans don't just camp them and take every single airdrop.

    Minor Changes: some minor changes i would maybe consider are:
    1. not allowing people to get like Speed 5 so they cant just wizz by you too fast to shoot.
    2. maybe find a way so the "very rare items" can't just be grinded out by only the top players.
    3. cant think of anymore rn, i might reply to my thread with more that i can think of.

    To end this, i wanted to say things i actually really liked with the past update. What i really really enjoyed the most is the new merchants, and how there are specific luxury items that they buy for tokens. I believe that was a really good idea, and i have enjoyed it a lot. I really like the map and the general gun mechanics, they are very unique compared to any other gun server on Minecraft. I Hope you take this advice into consideration. As a noob writing this, this advice should be cherished like gold, since probably 99.9% of all noobs who are dissatisfied just leave without saying why. I hope to get some sort of response from Yom or the community.

    And to the veterans of this community who are going to shit all over my points, you wanting things to not change because you're on top will be the number one reason this server will die if we don't attract more players.

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    Good points