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Hey guys! After a very long wait, and months of development and bug fixing we are finally officially releasing the DayZ Update!!! We hope you all enjoy it! Connect and have fun! WILL YOU SURVIVE?


  • Added Battle Royale Event
  • Added many new weapons
  • Added many new items
  • Added many new Armor types
  • Added new Random Task Sheets
  • Added new Status effects: Radiation, Burns, Critically Wounded
  • Added sound effects for guns, sirens, ambient sounds, mobs, etc
  • Added Humanity system
  • Added Clan Banner raids
  • Added Clan Banner guards
  • Added Player NPCs: Bandits, Survivors, Mercenaries
  • Added many new locations on the map
  • Added radiation icons to livemap
  • Added new Saviour rankup rank
  • Added new dungeons and bosses
  • Added new Gun mechanics: Jamming, Equip time, volume, Realistic Recoil
  • Added new Building blocks: Locked gates & vaults
  • Added new Block Breaking options: C4, Satchel Charge, Thermite
  • Added new Veteran crates & tracked items & trackers
  • Added chat bubbles above players heads
  • Added 1.13+ support & resourcepack
  • Added random NPC Shops
  • Added Wildlife
  • Added new Zombie types
  • Added Noob Protection System

  • Changed Helicopter crashes to Airdrops, happening every 2 hours now
  • Changed Clan Banner system
  • Changed and updated many locations on the map
  • Changed and updated Loot tables
  • Changed Safezone
  • Changed Grass to be breakable via bullets and explosions
  • Changed servers by merging them into 1
We're excited to announce that we've added support for Minecraft 1.14, meaning that we now fully support 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14!

Adding support for multiple versions is quite difficult especially when it comes to adding support for 1.13 and 1.14. So we're asking everyone to report bugs in our discord #reports channel or by replying to this thread. Please keep the bugs reports in this thread related to version issues and don't use it to report any other bugs.

We're aware that the texture pack for DayZ only works on the beta server, so please don't report that as a bug!

The Situation:


So many of you may be confused about what happened today. The basic answer is we transferred the network to a new host where I am now fully in control. MincraftB0ss has been having a falling out with the server for over a year now and no longer is involved with development or the server itself. Along with other reasons this transfer was essential for the survival of the network. There are many reasons why these updates have taken so long to be finished however this is the main reason. Now that we have moved I have more control and power and I will make sure these updates come much faster!

I really love my community guys and it kills me to see it fall to as low as it is now, however I promise I will bring back Yomnetwork with incredible new updates and games with nothing and noone holding me back!

Also guys welcome Jasper to the team! He will be running the servers along with me, he's an amazing developer and has a great passion to work on the gamemodes and bring you all the best content. Having a dedicated developer on the team will be amazing as it makes bug fixing much easier, plugin development easier and much more! So anyways guys nothing is really changing other than the server isn't going anywhere, and updates will be coming much faster!!!


Some notes:
  • [FONT=Times New...
Infernal Realms

We just Released an update for Infernal Realms introducing a new way to store gold while also fixing most of the bugs you guys have reported.

Gold Vaults allow you to store your gold, giving you 1 27 slot vault per gold type(nugget, ingot, block). You start with 1 unlocked slot per type, and have the ability to unlock slots for Coins! Prices scale per type of gold, so unlocking nugget slots is cheaper than unlocking ingot slots and so on.

Gold Vaults can be found near gold merchants in NPC towns. You can also buy them in fossil shops to place in player made towns.

Elite+ also has access to /vault!

Note: bypassing the storage system will result in account wipes. We suggest not to do it.

Bugs fixed:
  • Dying while holding a soulbound weapon caused your inventory to be cleared
  • People that were no longer king were able to keep on the kings crown
  • Shift clicking items into main bank GUI caused the items to be put in the GUI and permanently lost
With this update we will also have another Infernal Realms server on standby to be released when needed

Staff Update

We replaced per server rules with an updated set of network wide rules that apply to every server. With this change we will be syncing bans and mutes across all servers.

All current staff will have their ranks across all servers, as well as any new staff that will be promoted in the future. If you are currently Helper or higher, you need to create an account on the forums.

Expect to see ALOT more staff within the next couple weeks, as we read through applications.

Build Server

The Build Server is now live on the Network. you can access it form the compass in the Lobby. You can use it to make cool creations with friends, or make new structures that may be used in future updates!

If we use your build, we will reward...
Today we released our new website! We have been working on this for months, and are excited to finally release it publicly. Along with the new website, comes a store revamp which will hopefully be easier to navigate and use!

We also released a new teamspeak server with more slots. You can connect via ts.yomnetwork.ca or by simply clicking "Join Server" on the side bar!

We also have a new system for Staff applications as well as reporting players or bugs, and appealing mutes or bans. It will make the process for everything smoother, as well as allow us to bring on more staff.

Now is the best time to get your staff applications in, as we will be looking to promote quite a few people soon!

There will also be a 10% sale going on over the next week!

Be on the lookout for more updates to come. See you on the server!

As things are switching over, you might have problems accessing the server, store, website, or teamspeak for periods of time. This is normal, and unfortunately out of our control. Over the next 24 hours everything should start smoothing out.