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Over the past week or so, we have fixed numerous bugs on DayZ as well as WarZone. We also added a killstreak stat to WarZone and you can view it in-game. It will be added to the website soon.

Below is a brief list of the notable fixes:

  • Fixed global chat cooldown bypass with /g
  • Fixed color codes bypass in chat
  • Fixed chat ignore bypass
  • Fixed ghillie and glider invisibility glitch
  • Fixed bank glitch that allowed putting items in main GUI
  • Fixed arrows and dogs deactivating landmines
  • Fixed offhand glitch with waterbottle/canteen
  • Fixed offhand glitch with beds
  • Fixed boats destroying lily pads permanently
  • Fixed multiple exploits with /ride
  • Fixed safezone wall hopping using the stairs
  • Fixed weapon scoping in regions when wearing gas mask allowing players to get negative effects
  • New soul system. Some guns were updated and need to be held to update to the new versions
  • Backpacks no longer drop soul weapons
  • Backpacks optimisations
  • Disabled fishing and anvil interactions
  • Changed /spawn to allow using it more than once per life
  • Soul and Super soul crates are also soulbound now
  • Updated scoreboard to reflect new layout (WarZone layout)

  • Highest kill streak stat added
  • Fixed bites affecting players even though they were disabled

Thanks for reading, see you on the server!
-Yom Network Staff Team