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Today we are proudly announcing the release of DayZ v5 which contains a ton of new features and improvements such as map updates, vehicles, attachments, the junker and leaderboards! Everyone can log in TODAY using any Minecraft version from 1.10 to 1.17! For the full changelog check our discord.

This update comes with a fresh start for everyone, for the first time in over 9 years we have done a full wipe, so do not worry if you log in and your inventory is entirely empty or you no longer have your rank.

Added Attachments
In this update, we have added over 100 different attachments that can be put on weapons to improve their fire rate, damage, reload duration, suppress your weapon, etc. A maximum of 5 attachments can be put on each weapon allowing for nearly endless combinations to get the gun precisely to your spec. Attachments can be put on weapons using the /gun command. Originally, you will only have access to 1 attachment slot but as you level up your gunsmithing skill (1 of the 5 new skills) you will unlock the other attachments slot up to a maximum of 5.

Attachments can even be applied to tracked and soul weapons but when you die you will drop all of the attachments that were applied to those weapons. The gun will then still be in your inventory but it will no longer have any attachments.

Picture of the new /gun GUI with 2 locked slots
3 Attachments on an FG 42

Now you can ride or even fly around the server with your very own private vehicles. They not only allow you to move across the map faster but they can also be used to store more items. Driving around takes normal fuel or diesel which can be put into...
The long-awaited, and biggest DayZ Update ever is finally here! Log in and see if you can survive the latest expansion! This Update brings TONS of new stuff to the game as well as new events, systems and overall better gameplay experience and performance! We have improved playability on newer versions of Minecraft but we still recommend playing on 1.11-1.13 for the best gameplay experience! Check #Updates channel on discord for a full changelog!


Evacuation zones
The only way to get back to safezone is to use an evacuation zone. They can be found across the entire map and will switch locations every 30 minutes so don’t wait too long before you start your journey!

An active evacuation zone
The old karma system was removed entirely and /skills replaced it. In total there are 5 skills and each one can be trained to level 10. However, whenever you die you will lose 1 skill level for each skill until they are all at level 0 again.

When it is upgraded it improves the max health you have up to 13 hearts in total when you reach level 10. Can be trained by consuming items and getting damaged by mobs or other players.

Increases money gained from killing mobs and your overall strength. EXP can be earned by killing mobs and burying bones.

Improves merchant selling and buying prices by up to 42%. Trading a lot with Merchants is a good way of training this skill but EXP can also be obtained by taking part in a hardcore BattleRoyale game!

Increases the chances of finding loot and shortens the backpack open time. You will get EXP for looting when you open a chest that hasn't been looted yet and by checking out airdrops.



- Blacklisted Modifications
Using any modifications that can give you an advantage over other players isn’t allowed. If you’re unsure of whether a mod is allowed, feel free to contact a staff member. This includes but is not limited to macros, scripts, and mouse modifications (such as rapid-fire buttons, debounce time under 10ms, double click buttons, and weighting buttons). The only clients which are officially allowed are Vanilla, Forge/Fabric, Lunar, Badlion, and Optifine.

- Server Advertising
Advertising other Minecraft servers is against the rules, this includes posting the IP, name or talking about the server in chat.

- Exploiting/Bug Abuse
Taking advantage of a bug or exploit will result in a punishment. Please report bugs to staff members. This includes but is not limited to purposely getting yourself kicked by the anticheat, setting homes in boss areas, arenas, and dungeons, safe spotting bosses, and using F3 + A to see players.

- Assisting or Benefiting from Rule Breaking
Helping other players, or directly benefiting from other players breaking rules will also result in a punishment.

- Repeated Minor Rule Breaking
Repeatedly breaking other minor rules can end up giving you a much larger punishment.

- Disrespecting Staff Members
Staff members spend their own time contributing to the server and helping the community, please give them the respect they deserve.

- Donator Disrespect
Donator disrespect is dissing a donator for donating. An example of this saying “You’re only good because you donate!”. Donators support the server and should not be discouraged...
Warzone update Released

- Added new Guns, Items and armor: FN5-7, RSASS, ODIN-12, LWRC PDW, Sicario, Valkyrie, G3-BR, M1 Garand, Morphine, Bullet Proof Vests, Shroud Mask, Assault Mask, Tank Helmet
- Added evacuations to leave the WarZone, logging out will kill you inside the warzone and evacuating alive gives you 10 credits and lets you keep all your gear you found in the warzone
- Added multiple leveled NPCs with varying gear. NPCs drop loot and credits on death based on their Lvl. The number of NPCs is based on how many players are online
- Added Bosses which are very difficult and spawn randomly, giving 100 credits on kill and dropping 5 NPC loots
- Added Loot chests around the warzones which can be searched for items varying in value
- Many balances made to all guns and armor
- Better prices on gear menu to promote different gear uses and a better ingame economy and /market
- Added 20 New maps from the dayz update including many fan favourite locations to battle in
- Increased rarity of Soul crates and Veteran Crates - Added vote shop from dayz to warzone
- Added many dayz systems to warzone
- Replaced skydiving out of the plane with random spawns

Info: Evacuations are a new addition to WarZone. Use compasses to find the closest evacuation zone to you. Stand in a evac zone for 10 seconds to evacuate the warzone and earn 10 credits. Evacuating also lets you keep all the loot you earned in the WarZone that life.
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Hey guys! After a very long wait, and months of development and bug fixing we are finally officially releasing the DayZ Update!!! We hope you all enjoy it! Connect and have fun! WILL YOU SURVIVE?


  • Added Battle Royale Event
  • Added many new weapons
  • Added many new items
  • Added many new Armor types
  • Added new Random Task Sheets
  • Added new Status effects: Radiation, Burns, Critically Wounded
  • Added sound effects for guns, sirens, ambient sounds, mobs, etc
  • Added Humanity system
  • Added Clan Banner raids
  • Added Clan Banner guards
  • Added Player NPCs: Bandits, Survivors, Mercenaries
  • Added many new locations on the map
  • Added radiation icons to livemap
  • Added new Saviour rankup rank
  • Added new dungeons and bosses
  • Added new Gun mechanics: Jamming, Equip time, volume, Realistic Recoil
  • Added new Building blocks: Locked gates & vaults
  • Added new Block Breaking options: C4, Satchel Charge, Thermite
  • Added new Veteran crates & tracked items & trackers
  • Added chat bubbles above players heads
  • Added 1.13+ support & resourcepack
  • Added random NPC Shops
  • Added Wildlife
  • Added new Zombie types
  • Added Noob Protection System

  • Changed Helicopter crashes to Airdrops, happening every 2 hours now
  • Changed Clan Banner system
  • Changed and updated many locations on the map
  • Changed and updated Loot tables
  • Changed Safezone
  • Changed Grass to be breakable via bullets and explosions
  • Changed servers by merging them into 1
We're excited to announce that we've added support for Minecraft 1.14, meaning that we now fully support 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14!

Adding support for multiple versions is quite difficult especially when it comes to adding support for 1.13 and 1.14. So we're asking everyone to report bugs in our discord #reports channel or by replying to this thread. Please keep the bugs reports in this thread related to version issues and don't use it to report any other bugs.

We're aware that the texture pack for DayZ only works on the beta server, so please don't report that as a bug!

The Situation:


So many of you may be confused about what happened today. The basic answer is we transferred the network to a new host where I am now fully in control. MincraftB0ss has been having a falling out with the server for over a year now and no longer is involved with development or the server itself. Along with other reasons this transfer was essential for the survival of the network. There are many reasons why these updates have taken so long to be finished however this is the main reason. Now that we have moved I have more control and power and I will make sure these updates come much faster!

I really love my community guys and it kills me to see it fall to as low as it is now, however I promise I will bring back Yomnetwork with incredible new updates and games with nothing and noone holding me back!

Also guys welcome Jasper to the team! He will be running the servers along with me, he's an amazing developer and has a great passion to work on the gamemodes and bring you all the best content. Having a dedicated developer on the team will be amazing as it makes bug fixing much easier, plugin development easier and much more! So anyways guys nothing is really changing other than the server isn't going anywhere, and updates will be coming much faster!!!


Some notes:
  • [FONT=Times New...