WarZone Update Released

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    Warzone update Released

    - Added new Guns, Items and armor: FN5-7, RSASS, ODIN-12, LWRC PDW, Sicario, Valkyrie, G3-BR, M1 Garand, Morphine, Bullet Proof Vests, Shroud Mask, Assault Mask, Tank Helmet
    - Added evacuations to leave the WarZone, logging out will kill you inside the warzone and evacuating alive gives you 10 credits and lets you keep all your gear you found in the warzone
    - Added multiple leveled NPCs with varying gear. NPCs drop loot and credits on death based on their Lvl. The number of NPCs is based on how many players are online
    - Added Bosses which are very difficult and spawn randomly, giving 100 credits on kill and dropping 5 NPC loots
    - Added Loot chests around the warzones which can be searched for items varying in value
    - Many balances made to all guns and armor
    - Better prices on gear menu to promote different gear uses and a better ingame economy and /market
    - Added 20 New maps from the dayz update including many fan favourite locations to battle in
    - Increased rarity of Soul crates and Veteran Crates - Added vote shop from dayz to warzone
    - Added many dayz systems to warzone
    - Replaced skydiving out of the plane with random spawns

    Info: Evacuations are a new addition to WarZone. Use compasses to find the closest evacuation zone to you. Stand in a evac zone for 10 seconds to evacuate the warzone and earn 10 credits. Evacuating also lets you keep all the loot you earned in the WarZone that life.
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    Ahh, yes. Morphine to feed my addiction.