Warzone things that can be fixed in one day (or less)

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    The Spawn (stuff like the airdrop, the "make your kits", the lottery can all just be removed)
    The textures (just give em the updated one and maybe 1 or 2 things break, but I use the new one instead of the server given one so shouldn't)
    The Map (just update the maps all of them are like 3 years out of date).
    The daily reward thingy(you can't use em beyond the first one (dunno about the prestige ones though))
    The Guns (just update them with like the damage being shown (in the description) assault shells and so on)
    The Shop(for example all backpacks are worthless nobody will buy them, same with base building stuff
    The Chests(looting is worthless you get like 1 bread, 15 medium cal, doesn't make sense to loot at all atleast make the rates of guns/crates better, or like instead of getting 2 cred's max from one make it 10)
    Add the gun smithing thing and a shop with the addtachments (without the gunsmithing skill of course9

    Suggestion (Things that take more than a day (probably)
    Make adjustable NPC spawn rate via ingame vote every like 30-40 min, if you wanna make Tokens and no one is online NPC's/Bosses/evacs are the only way and NPC's/Bosses barely spawn and/or don't give a lot of money.
    Make Boss spawning Item, I'm willing to pay 50 cred's and a 20min Cooldown to fight a boss for money/items/something to do while no one is online.
    Make a (more or less) Junker that buys guns and so on for like 50%-70% coins (could replace the "Make the Ender Chest bigger") because theres stuff that I won't really use but still don't wanna just throw away and auction house is not really good because, who uses it actually?
    Make the ender Chest bigger(Just do it it's always full no matter what)

    Why do it?
    Well Warzone is dead but like 20-30 (different) peopel still play during one day (though not at the same time)
    It may make warzone but more played instead of dead but not quite yet.
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