Suggestions on Possible Changes To Infernal in future updates

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    Before I start I want to make clear that in any future Infernal updates I very much would want a full reset of everything besides destiny perks. This would balance the game and make it fun for high level players because then we would be on the same grind as every other player.

    For Infernal (Small Changes) : ADD A CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK TO INFERNAL LIKE THERE USED TO BE! AND ADD KINGS CASTLE MUSIC! WE WANT TO HEAR YOM'S BEAUTIFUL SINGING VOICE!- IF YOU Are scared of lag, then add an optional second pack with music.
    Fix warp pvp's backpack and prayer drop, I dont know if you meant for it to be the way it is, but basically everyone hates pvp due to loss of prays and backpacks.
    Model change of godsword to what it used to be. Seems simple, and the old godsword was just a lot cooler and freakier looking.
    Reduce warp cooldown, or at least warp to pvp, this would further increase the chances of people pvping at warp pvp.
    Nerf brews, nerf foods like sparkle and redfin, buff seismic, nerf armor, nerf helms, make god sword and hammer rarer, and nerf a lot of bosses while buffing their drops(ex. Atlantis needs a buffed drop that you can only get from it, and it should be like old infernal in terms of difficulty).
    I personally liked the scroll system, but talismans are cool too, so im not gunna complain about those.
    There should be shops at spawn that sell good stuff
    Add an AFK timer- whats the negative of adding one?
    Donations- I think having all the rank bonuses in destiny crates, but also having a chance to get a package of perks (A rank) wouldn't be a bad addition to destiny crates.

    For Infernal (Big changes/Updates) : No More Repairing! Yup, no more grinding bosses with god sword and fury :( This would hurt me more than anyone.
    Most can agree the old towny system was more fun, i think if you integrated the old system and new system by having a stronghold at each region and they were just a tp for your clan, they would also have lots of traders selling weapons like old infernal.
    Biggest possible change that could be made in future updates is a complete change from the new soul system to the old system of soul points The new soul system makes it too much like dayz and warzone and makes soul weapons wayyy to op, especially since people horde good ones. The old soul points were unique and more creative, and they encouraged pvp outside of warp pvp, even if you had a bad chance of winning
    I have very mixed feelings on skill points. I kind of hate them yet also love em at the same time, but I do definately think that a dayz type rank system is better than the current leveling system. (maybe each new rank a certain amount of new skillpoints are unlocked?)
    Jewlery (Rings, necklaces)- hate it, just lower requirements on weapons.
    Fossils and weapon crafting - Fossils were really cool, please bring a few traders who sell weapons for fossils to Infernal in any future updates, and have all mobs drop em.
    Sethomes- Please Add them! It would be a great addition, once u get to a certain requirement met (pretty low) you can set homes with a scroll or a command like old ir.

    Thats about it, Yom, if you are seeing this then please take these into consideration next time you update Infernal. You've made some great games, and I just want to see this server get the credit it deserves among the minecraft community.
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