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    - Blacklisted Modifications
    Using any modifications that can give you an advantage over other players isn’t allowed. If you’re unsure of whether a mod is allowed, feel free to contact a staff member. This includes but is not limited to macros, scripts, and mouse modifications (such as rapid-fire buttons, debounce time under 10ms, double click buttons, and weighting buttons). The only clients which are officially allowed are Vanilla, Forge/Fabric, Lunar, Badlion, and Optifine.

    - Server Advertising
    Advertising other Minecraft servers is against the rules, this includes posting the IP, name or talking about the server in chat.

    - Exploiting/Bug Abuse
    Taking advantage of a bug or exploit will result in a punishment. Please report bugs to staff members. This includes but is not limited to purposely getting yourself kicked by the anticheat, setting homes in boss areas, arenas, and dungeons, safe spotting bosses, and using F3 + A to see players.

    - Assisting or Benefiting from Rule Breaking
    Helping other players, or directly benefiting from other players breaking rules will also result in a punishment.

    - Repeated Minor Rule Breaking
    Repeatedly breaking other minor rules can end up giving you a much larger punishment.

    - Disrespecting Staff Members
    Staff members spend their own time contributing to the server and helping the community, please give them the respect they deserve.

    - Donator Disrespect
    Donator disrespect is dissing a donator for donating. An example of this saying “You’re only good because you donate!”. Donators support the server and should not be discouraged from doing so.

    - Staff Impersonation
    We don’t want players to mistake non-staff members as staff members. For that reason, please don’t include staff member’s names in your in game names, nicknames or clan names as newer players tend to mistake you for staff members. This includes staff impersonation over discord.

    - Fighting Punishments
    Do not try to fight your punishment publicly. If you feel like your punishment was unjust, you can make an appeal on the forums and a staff member will take a look at it.

    - Deceiving Staff Members
    Preventing staff members from doing their job by lying to them can result in a punishment. An example of this is if we’re looking into a report and you lie, you could be held accountable.

    - Harassment
    Harassing other players along with excessive use of bad language aren’t allowed and will result in a punishment. This also includes racist or discriminatory comments against a race, religion, or gender. If the offense is severe enough, this can also warrant a ban.

    - Threatening other players or the server
    Threatening players or the server will result in a punishment. This includes death threats, DDOS threats etc.

    - Releasing Personal Information
    Releasing personal information of other community members without their consent is a serious offense. This also includes things such as grabbing other player’s IPs. This rule applies outside the server as well such as over discord.

    - Alt Abuse
    You are allowed to use alternate accounts on the server, however you are not allowed to use alts in any way that would benefit your main account or abuse unintended features. This means you cannot transfer anything between the accounts including money or items, and it also means that you cannot take advantage of new player protection. Ask a staff member to remove your alts protection before you start playing.

    - Chat Flood
    Chat flood is sending a constant stream of messages that fills up the chat.

    - Character Spam
    Having messages full of the same character, or a repetition of the same character for no reason is classified as character spam.

    - Command Spam
    Command spam is spamming commands in a way that is disruptive to other players. Examples of this is spamming the /suicide command to fill up chat, or spamming players with low amounts of money using /money pay.

    - Encouraging Spam
    Encouraging other players to spam as well as collectively spamming with other players is punishable. This can include having players type random messages in chat to win a reward, or having a group of players type messages in chat with the intention of spamming/flooding chat.

    - Hackusating
    Calling out other players in chat isn’t effective and normally helps the hacker hide their hacks. Instead, feel free to report them to a staff member by using the /helpop command.

    - Selling External Services
    Attempting to sell external services such as minecraft accounts, capes, items for other games through the server isn’t allowed.

    - Non-Server Related Links
    Only send links related to Yom Network in chat, an example of this is sending a social media link such as your youtube channel, if it’s a Yom Network related channel with content on the server, then it’s fine but otherwise it’s not.

    - Illegal Trades
    Trading currency or items on Yom Network for external currency or service isn’t allowed.

    - Screenshares
    In the event that a TMod or above has reason to believe you are cheating, they may ask to screenshare you. More information about screenshare specific rules can be found further down in this document.

    - Sky bases
    No floating / sky bases are allowed, neither inside nor outside of base plots. Any base must be reachable from the ground. Any sky base that is found will be completely removed by staff.

    - Unapproved VPN usage
    We do not allow VPNs when connecting to our server. If you are still using a VPN to join then we will warn you and ban the IP that you used to join with.

    - Virtual machine usage
    If you are using a virtual machine to join our server then you will be warned and asked to join normally next time.

    This section exists both for players and for staff members.

    - Denying screenshares
    Players may deny a screenshare but because we cannot verify whether or not you are using a hacked client, you will be punished as if you were using the hacks that you are suspected of using.

    - No relogging
    Players may under no circumstance relog or log out after they have been jailed. If done anyways, then staff is free to assume that you're actually using the hacks that you are suspected of using and you will be punished as if that is the case.

    - Time before contact
    After you have been jailed you will have a minimum of five minutes to reach out to the staff member on discord.

    - Personal information
    Staff members should limit the personal information that is gathered during a screenshare session to the bare minimum. Under no circumstances should any (personal) information / data be extracted from the player's computer. If any personal information is gathered (e.g. if your Windows username contains your real name) then that information should not be shared with anyone, including other staff members.

    - Programs used
    If you get screenshared, staff may ask you to install these following programs: Everything, LastActivityViewier, WinPrefetchView, ExecutedPrograms, Discord, ProcessHacker 2, and System Informer. You are not allowed to deny downloading these programs as they are open sourced programs as well as providing how they get the information, and being widely trusted. If you do deny them, you will be banned with the same punishment as denying a screenshare. These programs are needed for staff to find possible cheats.

    - Trying to bypass screenshare detection
    If staff has reason to believe that you have applied methods that make it more difficult for illegal software to be found during a screenshare then you will be punished for what you're accused of using. Examples of this are unplugging USBs right before / during screenshares, using programs to modify the internal state of the operating system (e.g. regedit) or modifying the mods that your client is using.

    - Partaking in any illegal activities
    If you're found to have partaken in illegal activities during your current session then you will be immediately blacklisted. This includes but is not limited to using DDoS or doxing services.

    Note: This is a general guideline and if a Mod+ staff thinks a punishment is required, they do not need to follow this guideline. These rules may be changed as needed.
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