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    Hello all of YN Players (Well at least those who look at forums), I'm PeaceKeeper__ and I am currently a T-Mod in-game. I know that everyday or at least once in 2 days, there are frustrating occasions where hackers tend to disturb our gameplay, where server errors bug you sometimes, etc. Especially for new players who have recently joined and has been going through forums for a bit, I hope that this thread becomes useful for a little at least! I just wanted to mention that basically Lithid (Another T-Mod) and I take things pretty cool and we are not as strict as you could be thinking! Please do us favor by asking us questions or dming us on discord (I don't know about Lithid) so that we are informed and that we can take actions! If you are ever stuck somewhere and scared to ask any Owners (WHICH U NEVER SHOULD, unless it's an emergency for the server-related issue), we are there to help :D. Well, that's about it, have a great day to all those who have read this post, and even those who haven't. "Peace out bois"
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    Feel free to DM me, I'm always open to answering questions!
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