Does anyone know if posting appeals on forums is a lost cause?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by JoeBfLyin, Feb 1, 2022.

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    Feb 1, 2022
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    {So, I've been banned due to a Proxy/VPN false flag event in the system, the ban lasts for 3 hours, and after it expires, the ban resets back to 3 hours prompting me to seek staff support.

    Sure fine, but the issue is that I never bothered to join the discord, so I worry I will not be seeing any unban for such an absolute nuisance of a ban because of the lack of staff presence on forums.}

    I recently moved and had to get a new ISP & IP address.. yomnetworks system automatically false flagged my new ip as a Proxy.. which is strange considering that it's an authentic IP address. And on the contrary, there is a decent amount of posts still on the first page of Off-Topic & General complaining about lack of staff attention to forums, I worry I will be waiting to play DayZ for a very very long time..

    Heck, if you look in Off Topic there is a post where a person appeals their ban and waited a month for a staff to respond to the appeal with no avail, so they brought it into off-topic as a last call for help, to still get no response. Hope that doesnt happen to me! :D
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    Did you make an appeal on the fourms at all? Also the best way to deal with this issue is going into our discord and talking in the support channel, jasper will fix the problem.