DayZ Update V5 Released

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    Today we are proudly announcing the release of DayZ v5 which contains a ton of new features and improvements such as map updates, vehicles, attachments, the junker and leaderboards! Everyone can log in TODAY using any Minecraft version from 1.10 to 1.17! For the full changelog check our discord.

    This update comes with a fresh start for everyone, for the first time in over 9 years we have done a full wipe, so do not worry if you log in and your inventory is entirely empty or you no longer have your rank.

    Added Attachments
    In this update, we have added over 100 different attachments that can be put on weapons to improve their fire rate, damage, reload duration, suppress your weapon, etc. A maximum of 5 attachments can be put on each weapon allowing for nearly endless combinations to get the gun precisely to your spec. Attachments can be put on weapons using the /gun command. Originally, you will only have access to 1 attachment slot but as you level up your gunsmithing skill (1 of the 5 new skills) you will unlock the other attachments slot up to a maximum of 5.

    Attachments can even be applied to tracked and soul weapons but when you die you will drop all of the attachments that were applied to those weapons. The gun will then still be in your inventory but it will no longer have any attachments.

    Picture of the new /gun GUI with 2 locked slots
    3 Attachments on an FG 42

    Now you can ride or even fly around the server with your very own private vehicles. They not only allow you to move across the map faster but they can also be used to store more items. Driving around takes normal fuel or diesel which can be put into the inventory by clicking the vehicle. Drive safely though, as vehicles will take damage from crashing and driving through hordes of zombies (but they might die before the vehicle does)!

    Some of the vehicles available in the update

    Introducing leaderboards and monthly rewards
    We have revamped our entire stat system and introduced leaderboards with rewards of up to 50,000$ per stat if you get first at the end of the month for that stat. In total, we're giving away upwards of 500,000$ at the end of each month! You can view your current position at the new leaderboard area that the updated safezone contains or by using the /stat command.

    Leaderboard area in safezone displaying #1 players and my ranking

    Updated cities and safezone

    Our builders have done an absolutely amazing job this update! Not only did they update several parts of the map, they also added new places for you to explore.

    Picture taken at Citadel City

    Safezone is one of many places that has received a massive overhaul this update. It now has a duel arena and a PVP arena where you won't lose your gear. It also has a leaderboard section where you can see whose first for the most important stats. We have added several NPCs and shops that make it easier to access the market or sell and buy items.

    The junker NPC
    One of those new NPCs in safezone is the junker, he will buy nearly everything that you bring him but at a reduced price. This is an easy way for you to make some quick money when you come back from a loot run and as a bonus, he will also give you some stockpiling EXP if you sell him certain items. You can quickly check the price of an item by doing /price when you have the item in your hand.

    Junker NPC found in safezone

    Five new skills
    There are five additional skills in this update which brings the total number of skills to ten.

    Levelling this skill decreases the probability of you losing a level in a skill when you die to only 40% when it reaches the max level. Trained by being outside of safezone for extended periods of time and by levelling up other skills.

    Allows you to throw your explosives further and increase the chance of doing critical damage and damage done by melee weapons. Can be trained by using melee weapons and throwing explosives.

    Decreases the cooldowns for loot chests and kits. Selling items to the junker will level this skill.

    Decrease the chance of your gun jamming, gives you more scraps when scrapping your guns and allows you to have up to 5 attachments on your weapons. You will get XP for this skill if you scrap guns or craft ammo.

    Increases the fishing loot that you can get and increases the chance of a single tracker adding two tracked to the total tracker count. Levelled by fishing, repairing armour and adding trackers to weapons.

    One of the 5 new skills in the /skills menu
    Gun scrapping
    Are you no longer using one of your guns and is it just taking up space in your inventory? You can now scrap that gun in return for scrap metal, ammo, trackers from tracked guns and soul crystals from soul guns.

    Added even more bosses
    This update adds an additional 6 bosses to the server, increasing the total number of bosses to 24, all with their own unique loot tables. The loot tables of all of the bosses were also buffed slightly and we added extremely rare loots such as tracked items or unique items that can only be obtained from that particular boss.

    One of the new bosses this update

    Traders are like merchants but instead of trading money for items, they trade certain items for other items. They can trade you some incredibly rare and useful items so always check their trades if you see them somewhere in the world!

    Trader trading scrap metal for toilet paper and a dictionary
    You can now start deliveries which will reward you with treasures if the delivery ends up at the place it wants to go. Make sure that you watch your surroundings though as players will be able to track you as soon as you start a delivery. The more players that there are online the better the rewards you get are!
    An activated delivery

    /Ride has made its return
    After being gone for 2 updates we have finally added back /ride which can be used in combination with vehicles to bring you and your buddies to the same place!

    Other changes
    • Removed blue names from the game, you now either have a green name, which lasts for four hours of online time after you've joined the server, or a white name which means that you can be killed by players and will drop your gear.
    • Thirst was increased from 20 maximum to now 60 maximum. Food may now also (negatively) affect your thirst level.
    • Improved compatibility with newer client versions
    • Added a death compass to the /compass menu and you can now also track the distance to your target by left-clicking with the compass
    • Armour durability will now last longer and blocking with a shield will now no longer use armour durability
    • Tracked armour will no longer break once it reaches 0 durability, it will however not provide you with any of the perks either for as long as the durability is 0
    • If you have a hotbar that violates weapon type restrictions (such as two primaries in your hotbar) then it will now automatically try to move them into your inventory or offhand to still allow you to shoot them.
    • 3 new ammo types: Large cartridge, assault shells and behemoth cartridges. Gold bullets were removed from the game.
    • /tpa and /tpahere were disabled
    There are many other changes, so for a full changelog be sure to check out our discord!
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