DayZ Update V4 Released

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    The long-awaited, and biggest DayZ Update ever is finally here! Log in and see if you can survive the latest expansion! This Update brings TONS of new stuff to the game as well as new events, systems and overall better gameplay experience and performance! We have improved playability on newer versions of Minecraft but we still recommend playing on 1.11-1.13 for the best gameplay experience! Check #Updates channel on discord for a full changelog!


    Evacuation zones
    The only way to get back to safezone is to use an evacuation zone. They can be found across the entire map and will switch locations every 30 minutes so don’t wait too long before you start your journey!

    An active evacuation zone
    The old karma system was removed entirely and /skills replaced it. In total there are 5 skills and each one can be trained to level 10. However, whenever you die you will lose 1 skill level for each skill until they are all at level 0 again.

    When it is upgraded it improves the max health you have up to 13 hearts in total when you reach level 10. Can be trained by consuming items and getting damaged by mobs or other players.

    Increases money gained from killing mobs and your overall strength. EXP can be earned by killing mobs and burying bones.

    Improves merchant selling and buying prices by up to 42%. Trading a lot with Merchants is a good way of training this skill but EXP can also be obtained by taking part in a hardcore BattleRoyale game!

    Increases the chances of finding loot and shortens the backpack open time. You will get EXP for looting when you open a chest that hasn't been looted yet and by checking out airdrops.

    Faster evacuations and decreased teleportation cooldowns. Walking around and evacuating successfully will give you EXP for this skill.

    Our store also contains EXP boosters which will double the EXP earned for an hour for everyone that is online.

    The /skills GUI
    We replaced the old armor entirely with an improved version; each damage type now has a category:
    - Blunt
    - Slashing
    - Piercing
    - Fire
    - Radiation

    All armor on the server will protect you from these types of damage and decrease the damage you get based on a percentage. Armor can also have abilities that might change how fast your hunger goes down or decrease the chance of you being affected by zombie bites for example. In total there is now about 4 times as much armor as that there was in the last update.

    armor.png armor2.png
    Two different armor pieces

    These people will spawn across the map and can be used to sell items to or to buy items from. If you have a merchant beacon then you can also call a gathering at your current locations which increases your chance of getting a good deal. But be wary: your location is also announced in chat when you use it so others might come looking for that same deal!

    Merchants are very interested in the new treasure items which can be found while looting and will give you a good deal when you sell the treasures to them.

    Merchants at OceansView


    You can now use an airdrop flare to call in an airdrop at your location. It is announced in the chat so be careful because other people might be after that airdrop as well.

    Party spawns
    We've made it easier for you to play together with your friends. You can now invite them to spawn together by using /play Name1 Name2 etc. When all invites are accepted you will be teleported to a spawn location together!

    There is now way more loot types and levels: residential, commercial, industrial, militia, police, laboratory, farm, medical, military, arsenal and last but not least confidential. Each one of these loot types has different levels ranging from 3-6 levels per loot type some of which might require a key to open.

    We have also increased the amount of food that will spawn in chests so you don't have to be hungry anymore. You can now also cook food on campfires which you can place down. Being near one of them gives you a cosy feeling that will heal you.

    A cosy campfire in the wild
    We have more than doubled the number of bosses in this update so to make it easier for you to keep track of them we have added a /boss GUI where you can see what bosses there are and where they spawn.

    Each boss now also has a unique loot table which means that you can get items from them which can only be obtained by killing that boss.

    The /boss GUI


    Was reaching saviour not enough for you? We've some good news for you: there are now 3 prestige ranks which will give you access to unique features.

    Prestige 1
    Access to /kit prestige1, earns more money every 10 minutes, allowed to put 50 items on the market and no global chat cooldown!

    Prestige 2
    All features from Prestige 1 alongside even more money every 10 minutes, access to /kit prestige2, an additional prestige bank and double EXP for skills

    Prestige 3

    All features from Prestige 1 and 2 but with even more money every 10 minutes and access to /kit prestige3, up to 15 trackers on an item and triple the EXP for skills.

    When you're saviour and you feel that you're ready to prestige you can use /prestige to do so. Note that this resets you to the survivor rank and you'll have to rank up to Saviour again to make use of all the saviour perks.

    Other improvements
    • A lot of work was done on NPCs to improve their AI even further!
    • Many new crafting recipes
    • Improved our anti-cheat massively
    • /bank has been removed and a new Elite and Prestige bank were added
    • Improved the compass: it now shows Points of Interest, evacuation points and airdrops
    • A new tutorial video was created and a tutorial section was added to safezone
    • Lots of new wildlife, mobs and NPCs (Most notably Hunters and Stalkers)
    • Nerfed many wounds (bleeding, broken bones, etc) and commands such as /heal and /quench
    • Added many new backpacks which means that there are now 16 backpacks in total. Functionality was also changed: items inside a backpack are now bound to that unique item so losing the backpack means that you also lose access to those items.
    • Improved playability on newer Minecraft versions. However, the recommended versions are still 1.11-1.13 to guarantee the best experience
    • Changes to clan homes, clan blocks and friendly fire
    • Tons of new guns and items were added. Existing items were changed as well to make them more balanced.
    • Map changes which can be seen at the server map

    Check out our discord to see the full changelog!​
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    Update honestly looks awesome! So glad that many of the community suggested ideas made it into the update, and that a prestige system has been put in place. Keep up the great work!
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    mi modpack
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    There's no modpack required for this server. Just join and install the texture pack!
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    I couldn't be more pumped to dive into the game and check out all the new stuff they've added.