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    Hello! It is your favorite helper, DARKNASS_ here with a guide to help all of you new players out with surviving in Infernal Realms. Some things that will be included in this guide include; FAQ, tips and tricks, how to build up your skills in a beneficial way and more. Let's get started!

    Skills and Leveling Up
    Building your skills in a productive manner is very important for new players. You will probably be very confused as to why you can't use anything when you have started. The answer is that you need the skills to use them! You get a skill point every time you level up (check progress on your XP meter) which you can spend on skills you desire! The best way to get XP when at low levels is simply by exploring. You will gain experience every time you reach a new location (such as a town or a dungeon). By simply discovering a new town you can gain more than 100 XP points. Once you get to level 2, you may be overwhelmed thinking what skill to invest into. I recommend investing first and foremost into exploration. Exploration will let you reach new dungeons (Don't worry about that for now) and let you open up loot chests. Opening up a loot chest can give gear such as armor, accessories, building blocks, tools, brews and more along with a good amount of XP as well. Once exploration has reached level 6, you should start investing a few points into defense as to protect yourself from threats. After defense reaches level 7, level up wealth to 1 so you can carry money in your bank. Afterwards, it is your choice on how to spend skills. Once you get stronger, consider doing quests and killing monsters as an XP source. If you are in a clan, AFK XP and gold farming is an option.

    Choosing a Class
    Many new players can't choose a class when they start out. They are overwhelmed by all of the choices and just pick whichever class seems cool. That is a big mistake. It will be very difficult to get a class totem (an item that lets you change your class without a level reset) making resetting the only viable option to change your class. The best classes to choose are the following.

    -Guardian. Guardian is a hefty class with alright skill caps in every skill. It has a strong starting kit and the exclusive rune armor makes most enemies easy to kill.

    -Warrior. Warrior boasts great skill caps in practically every skill except labor. It has a good starting kit and has good class exclusives such as the Elder's Blade.

    -Explorer. Explorer is terrible later in the game but is amazing when you just start the game. It boasts a starting weapon that can easily destroy any mob in Southeros along with a versatile kit.

    Some of these classes may not be nearly as good later in the game. However, later you can buy class totems to change your class to something that is better. Let me list the best classes mid-endgame.

    -Mage. Mage is difficult early on because of low damage per second and the high reliance on the kit for magical essence. Later on, however, mage has access to Luna where you can mine magical essence and geodes. It becomes a very powerful class with weapons such as the Ark Staff, Midnight Staff, Aura Staff, Ethereal Wand and the God Staff.

    -Cavalier. Potentially the most underrated class of all time. It has alright skill caps but that is not what makes it so wonderful. It has AMAZING class exclusives such as the Griffin mount and the Veraxies mount which are absolutely amazing. The Griffin makes travelling extremely easy and simple while the Veraxies is one of the best PvP mounts due to high mobility and splash damage (until you can use Dragon mounts). It has a great kit giving you healthy and nature brews which are good in all situations.

    -Barbarian. The Barbarian is a good all-around class even with its' average skill caps. It has the martial skill cap that lets you use the Godhammer and the Abyssal Maul along with the Bane Cleaver. All martial weapons are decent (they share that with Blades) and some are absolutely broken. The Venom Whip offers insane Dps and can be easily paired up with a heavy hitting weapon.

    That is my opinion on the classes you should choose early and later in the game.

    Clans: Picking or making one
    There are many clans in Infernal Realms. You may be tempted on making your own. Here is a guide that will advise on making or joining a clan of your choosing. First off, is the clan you wish to join any good? This can be easily answered doing the command /c <clan name>. If the clan offers a wealth of 4000+, you should join it. If it doesn't, don't. Joining a good clan can impact leveling and money options. You can make your own clan if you are a loner, though.

    How do I capture a town/city?
    Simple. All you need to do is enter in the command /war and then confirm it with /confirm. When the war timer has started, find the golden point in the town/city. Right clicking it will start capturing it. After 60 seconds, voila! Your very own town!

    What is an easy boss that I can do?
    If you are above level 20, I recommend doing the Bandit's Fortress dungeon. The minions are easy and drop decent loot that you can use. The boss is very simple with a clear hitbox as well.

    How do I get into a boss room?
    You need to use a dungeon key to get into a bossroom. You can buy one at Karhold or find one in loot chests. Right click the black block with the keylike outline with the key in hand to be teleported to the bossfight.

    Where can I get more help?
    There is an excellent already-made tutorial in the game. Do /warp tutorial to get to it. Also do /help to read more FAQ and gain more knowledge about the world.

    How do I get to spawn?
    If you are in Southeros (the starting area), do /suicide to get there quickly. if not, do /warp spawn to get to spawn after a 15 second delay. Beware, /warp spawn requires charge up time before being used again.
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