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    So. Warzone.

    As much as I dislike repeatedly bringing these same things up, I feel the need to do so.

    Warzone right now is experiencing an interesting twist on a different game called Escape From Tarkov, and I think that that has detracted from the experience.

    I have made quite a few messages detailing why I think so, some of which have been over 4k characters on the YN Discord, but the forums allow for a much more solidified quantity of things. What I want to make clear though, is that I will endeavor to respond to requests of clarification as to individual reasons why I believe certain things, but I am going to attempt to keep this post brief on the many different topics to avoid over-clutter.


    -Having Levels and access to Equipment (Gear Tablet) based on the same heavily limited currency hurts player progression, and benefits players who AFK and spend a lot of money on the game. I cannot fault the necessity of donator items, but to compare the resources available pre-EFT (Donor Rank General, ect), and the current ability of Souls/Tracked to negate the penalty imposed by the credit costs I feel heavily weighs the game in favor of donators and higher level players in a way that older versions did not include.
    (As an example of this fact, previously at a very low level the Kit "Soldier" was available for free, which provided nearly the highest protection in the game and was available at level 5. There were also weapons that remained competitive over time starting at low levels, such as the C17).

    -The cost of Equipment (Weapons/Armor/Medical/Gear/whatever else) to afford the equipment required to create a decent loadout available at lower levels (1-20/25) is at a high enough price point that spending any Credits on a better loadout is actively detrimental to progression.

    -NPCs provide a method to ensure income for players who play on the server passively, but only serve to truly benefit high-level players who have the resources to negate the threat posed by NPCs.
    (For this, altering the strength of NPCs that spawn near different leveled players would be an effective method of counterbalancing that threat).

    -The loss of the common movement mechanics present in the Elytra, Plane Drop, destructible terrain, and bullet-boosting has restricted the ability of players to "big brain" against their opponents through outmaneuvering them or effectively retreating, which, while still an available tactic, is a much more broad scale concept that does not allow for many split-second decisions.
    (The elytra especially provided a much more random-yet-predictable method of engaging enemies, as it expanded mobility options by an astounding amount even without the capabilities of the Wingsuit. The Pilot kit was also enjoyable to use, as it was a far less efficient method of transportation yet still allowed for a vast amount of aerial maneuverability, for example.)

    -The loss of the early more full "Kits" has prevented individual access to better equipment in a set, such as the Soldier kit, as I mentioned earlier. Things like /kit Medic used to provide a decent platform for both high and low level players to access medical equipment, and then the gear tablet allowed them to restock on the field. It was fun progressing with the Kits, and they provided a more limited set of equipment that was available at earlier levels. There was no negative to using them, and that was ok.


    There are likely more things I can think of, but I believe these are a list of the things I find make the game less enjoyable.

    To give a more broad scope on my perspective, I am of the opinion that the creativity inherent in the gamemode has been restricted by recent updates, and while there are plenty of things that I find interesting or promising, I believe the gamemode is being held back by those policies.

    To give a rundown of what I am looking for to be changed, as I have identified several problems yet not quite answered them.

    -Bring back the preset Kits at low or no cost and have some of the more esoteric items be available at lower levels (Such as elytras, even if Plane-Dropping isn't returned, which imo would be fine, elytras are still an amazing medium of movement.)

    -Make more of the low level Gear Tablet items free or have a reduced price, as at those lower levels the amount of available Credits will be extremely low and will punish low level players for attempting to experiment with decent equipment.
    (The above two will almost entirely compensate for the unfair advantage Soul and Tracked weapons provide without removing the aspect of risk-reward that investing money into kits causes)

    -Reduce the level requirement of a few items, such as the Box of Parts.

    -Adjust NPC Spawning so that NPCs that spawn near lower level players come from a table of worse equipment (Melee, pistols, ect), and that higher level players spawn more powerful NPCs.
    T1 = 2 Credits (Low Level = Melee, high level = Shotgun/SMG)
    T2 = 4 Credits (Low Level = Shotgun/SMG, high level = Rifle/Sniper/LMG)
    T3 = 6 Credits (Low Level = Rifle/Sniper/LMG, high level = really good shit)
    (An aspect of "Lifetime" might be a good idea for improving the NPCs who spawn near players depending on how long they have not died for, pausing while they are on the Plane or in Spawn. The random-spawn aspect of the game allows for better defined zones.)

    -Bring back terrain destruction with Explosives.

    -Increase some of the basic rewards from Credit Crates (Not necessarily doubling all of them, but definitely making them stronger)

    -Maybe increase the bullet travel speed of all weapons.

    -Drastically increase the loot available from Chests, having them contain any piece of armor, equipment, or weapon (Excluding Prestige Items) with a random chance of spawning. Chests in this idea should be mostly full upon refresh, though they should only contain a few weapons with higher leveled items having a lower chance to spawn.

    -Create an automatic selling location where equipment can be pawned off for a lower price than purchase (30-40% rounded down?), thus creating more of a reason for loot to be gathered and sold instead of relying on the AH where nobody buys things that aren't Fuel or very rare items. Souls are almost always sold on a personal basis. This will also reward players who collect loot and escape with it, while the rewards for remaining are better loot from the Chests, and more Credits from killing NPCs and Players.


    To re-state my opinion, it is that Warzone should be a gamemode where being creative with loadouts and equipment is not only encouraged, but it is viable even from the ground up. Some limitations should be present to extend the length of the gamemode, but the more available routes to power the better.

    (For any of you who got this far, this post was 952 Words long and composed of 5084 characters not including spaces.)

    (Edit #1, added a couple update suggestions)
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    That's a lot of words.
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    pls update warzone! like atlest reqork the warzone "lobby" and remove stuff like the lottery and airdrop both don' work and update the models as well pls just put in the new one from dayz pls and basicly fix the warzone page.