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The WarZone update is live! This update takes many features of DayZ, and combines them with the classic WarZone feel. Hop on the server and check it out today!

With this update, the following will also be reset:

  • Items
  • Banks
  • Homes
  • Clans
With the drastic changes to add in 15 rotating maps, along with the new clan system form DayZ, these resets are mandatory.

All crate purchases from April 2017 to present will be regiven.

We will also be running a 10% off sale until Saturday (9-30-17)

Weapons & Gear

  • Added new guns
  • Added new gear
  • Added 3D helmets with special enchants (/enchants for enchant info)
  • Added reload animations
  • Added ADS (aiming down sights)
  • Added gunshot particles
  • Added /unload to unload ammo
  • Added prices to weapons and gear
  • Added ammo for weapons
  • Added food
  • Updated numerous kits
  • Updated gunshot sounds
  • Removed ability to use /kit to get kits directly, must use GUI
  • Fixed jugg glitch
  • Fixed numerous other glitches

Status Effects
  • Added Messages that show in the boss bar and persist as long as the effects are active.
  • Added new status effects: Lodged Bullets from guns, and Shrapnel from explosions.
  • Added /status to quickly see what effects are active or not.
  • Status effects no longer go away on logout. Only cleared on restart.
  • Use Tweezers to fix bullets and shrapnel effects

  • Added stats, like DayZ...
There will be scheduled downtime starting 9/25/17 in order to transfer some things regarding the domain "Yomnetwork.ca". Nothing will go completely down for everyone, but 24-48 hours from 9/25/17 there may be sparatic outages for certain players across all services while things are updating. This is completely out of our control.

After this, there will be some added security features to both the website and the store, that will ensure everyone that data being sent through the website is as secure as possible. This will be present by showing "secure" next to the website bar.

We have a backup IP that you can use if you experience issues during this time to still connect and play on the server with no issues:


Thanks for the understanding, enjoy the server!

-Yom Network Staff Team

Minecraft Account Linking

After a long wait, the option to link your forums account with your minecraft account has been added. After linking accounts, your forums account rank will be automatically synced with your in-game ranks. Supporter is given for any donation rank. Linking your account does a couple of things:

  • Syncs your in-game ranks to your forum account
  • Applies an avatar of your in-game character if you dont have one set yet.
We encourage all players to link their accounts. ALL staff are required to link their accounts. In about 1 week, all staff that have not linked their accounts will be demoted.

All present and future staff applicants will need to link their accounts as a requirement. We will give some time for existing applicants to link their accounts before denying anyone because of this.

To link your minecraft account, all you have to do is type /link in a lobby and click the provided link. You can manage your linked account here.

Discord Server

We have also made the discord server public, you can access it by clicking the join button on the sidebar of the forums, or by clicking here. Feel free to join and hangout with other users.

We will be adding rank syncing to discord soon All ranks sync across discord, which will allow for supporter ranks to have exclusive voice and text channels as well as the visible rank. This also includes syncing staff ranks.

ALL Staff should connect their forum accounts with a discord account, as that is the best way to contact me or any other staff

To sync your Discord account, click here.