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Minecraft Account Linking

After a long wait, the option to link your forums account with your minecraft account has been added. After linking accounts, your forums account rank will be automatically synced with your in-game ranks. Supporter is given for any donation rank. Linking your account does a couple of things:

  • Syncs your in-game ranks to your forum account
  • Applies an avatar of your in-game character if you dont have one set yet.
We encourage all players to link their accounts. ALL staff are required to link their accounts. In about 1 week, all staff that have not linked their accounts will be demoted.

All present and future staff applicants will need to link their accounts as a requirement. We will give some time for existing applicants to link their accounts before denying anyone because of this.

To link your minecraft account, all you have to do is type /link in a lobby and click the provided link. You can manage your linked account here.

Discord Server

We have also made the discord server public, you can access it by clicking the join button on the sidebar of the forums, or by clicking here. Feel free to join and hangout with other users.

We will be adding rank syncing to discord soon All ranks sync across discord, which will allow for supporter ranks to have exclusive voice and text channels as well as the visible rank. This also includes syncing staff ranks.

ALL Staff should connect their forum accounts with a discord account, as that is the best way to contact me or any other staff

To sync your Discord account, click here.


EDIT 9/5: The Beta is public, anyone can join. Feel free to join and report any bugs!

Today we released our WarZone update as beta. Its now live and anyone Supporter or up can join directly from one of the lobbies. The server supports 1.10+. Keep in mind that since it is in beta, there may be gamebreaking bugs or slight instability. As the beta moves forward, we will be fixing these problems to ensure the public release is as bug free as possible. If you find bugs, report them
HERE. We will be rewarding people upon full release who report bugs, so dont hold back!

With the beta release of WarZone, we have also released an updated lobby system. This should fix any issues you had previously in the old lobby.

Some things to note:
  • No items, or money from current WarZone have been synced.
  • Ranks purchased as of 8-25-17 will be present on beta, however no new ranks purchased will apply to the BETA. They will still apply to the actual server, so you wont lose them on release
  • Beta items, ranks, and money will NOT carry over on Public Release.
  • Stats have NOT been added in beta, they however will be added in the public release.

More information and an official post explaining the update in full will be posted upon official release.

We hope to see you on the server,

-Yom Network Staff Team
We are proud to announce the release of the long awaited DayZ update! The update adds in tons of content and new features, while also fixing tons of bugs and exploits.

With this update, the following will also be reset:

  • Items
  • Banks
  • Money
  • Homes
  • Clans
Over the past year, there have been numerous duplication glitches and other exploits which have put millions of tokens into the economy, and essentially caused money to become worthless. Since there is no real way to check or remove all the money that has been illegally obtained, we have been forced to reset it. This reset affects everyone equally, so everyone is on the same playing field.

All token and crate purchases from 5-1-16 to present will be regiven.

Vehicles have been removed, however will be returning very soon in a much better way. Not only will they be easier to use but they will be much more complex and unique

  • NEW Super Soul Crates. These crates give soulbound camo weapons.
  • Added ADS(aim down sights) models to all weapons. This gives a first and third person view, so not only will you know you are aiming down sights, your enemies will too!
  • Added Reload models to all weapons. This gives a first and third person view, so not only will you know you are reloading, your enemies will too!
  • Added particle effect animations to all guns.
  • Added ability to unload ammo via /unload or /ammo.
  • Added gun weights to all guns.
  • Added many new guns.
  • Added many new camo guns.
  • Added many new BOP(Box of parts) guns. Check /crafting in game to view them all.
  • Added many new melee weapons
  • Added...