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We are proud to announce the release of the long awaited DayZ update! The update adds in tons of content and new features, while also fixing tons of bugs and exploits.

With this update, the following will also be reset:

  • Items
  • Banks
  • Money
  • Homes
  • Clans
Over the past year, there have been numerous duplication glitches and other exploits which have put millions of tokens into the economy, and essentially caused money to become worthless. Since there is no real way to check or remove all the money that has been illegally obtained, we have been forced to reset it. This reset affects everyone equally, so everyone is on the same playing field.

All token and crate purchases from 5-1-16 to present will be regiven.

Vehicles have been removed, however will be returning very soon in a much better way. Not only will they be easier to use but they will be much more complex and unique

  • NEW Super Soul Crates. These crates give soulbound camo weapons.
  • Added ADS(aim down sights) models to all weapons. This gives a first and third person view, so not only will you know you are aiming down sights, your enemies will too!
  • Added Reload models to all weapons. This gives a first and third person view, so not only will you know you are reloading, your enemies will too!
  • Added particle effect animations to all guns.
  • Added ability to unload ammo via /unload or /ammo.
  • Added gun weights to all guns.
  • Added many new guns.
  • Added many new camo guns.
  • Added many new BOP(Box of parts) guns. Check /crafting in game to view them all.
  • Added many new melee weapons
  • Added...
UPDATE: Public Beta has been released. Join and play today! Remember to report any bugs you find so we can make this the best release possible.

Some things to note:
  • No items, ranks, or money from current DayZ have been synced.
  • Beta items, ranks, and money will NOT carry over on Public Release.
  • Stats have NOT been added in beta, they however will be there in public release.

UPDATE: The feedback from the community so far has been very good, and we are working to fix all known bugs to make this release the best we can. Our release plans are as follows:

  • Public Beta open to everyone planned to start Wednesday, March 15th. This is mainly to test stability and performance with higher player counts to ensure there are no problems, but also to catch any last minute bugs before official release.
  • Official Release planned to be Friday, March 17th, if everything is stable and there are no major bugs or exploits.

Today, we released our DayZ update as Beta. Its now live, anyone Supporter or up can join directly from the lobby. The server supports 1.10+, however we havent fully tested 1.10 compatibility. Feel free to try on both and report any compatibility problems. Keep in mind that since it is in beta, there may be gamebreaking bugs or slight instability. As the beta moves forward, we will be fixing these problems to make this the best public release yet. If you find bugs, report them HERE. We will be rewarding people upon full release who report bugs, so dont hold back!

Permissions arent synced up between the current DayZ and the beta server, so any new ranks wont be processed on the Beta server, however they will persist upon full release. Also, no items, money, or banks were copied over.

Our planned Official...
EDIT: SERVER BACK ONLINE! Also to be clear, nobody "ddosed" the server. it was a fault in one of our machines HARDWARE. Sorry for the downtime, enjoy the server!

We are experiencing some unexpected downtime, as one of the machines that we run our servers on had a fault. The company has been contacted and they are working as fast as possible to bring it back up. The expected downtime is at max 6 hours, however its not confirmed. We will update you with further information as we find out.

Thanks for playing on Yom Network servers!