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    I like lore so I made another thread about it

    The story:
    The black smoke, unleashed in a mining endeavor [1] , went on a rampage through the land, spreading madness [2]. The black smoke flew around the land, until going to tartarus, infecting the first of many, the entity known as patient zero. The military, going into a panic, launched a missile from [normandy?] at a tartarus, annihilating the island and turning it into a radioactive island [3]. The military retrieved patient zero for study and enclosure inside the hatch research base, but it was already too late - the virus spread [4], causing mass panic and an evacuation of cities, with civilians massacred by the military in blockades surrounding towns. Those who fled to shelters like ark sanctuary were slain as the very shelters themselves were infected, and exterminated.

    [1] - unknown if this was expected - the mining company was seemingly digging for the tomb that contained the black smoke.
    [2] - suspected to have caused the drydale uprising - unconfirmed.
    [3] - not too sure what happened to the black smoke, ill have to re-read the book of yom, but it did some stuff.
    [4] - originally thought to be airborne, large shelters reminiscent of sandy's home in sponge bob were created , with little effect, due to the virus not in fact being airborne.

    Other notes: to fit in later
    • Launch site launched a missile at morta, turning it radioactive.
    • The USS Marshall crashed into ice. unknown how - examine wreckage sometime.
    • Kult living community began worshipping a demon of some sort at some point.
    • Icarus space port created presumable with the goal of settling different planets - but like its namesake, it flew too high. Not too sure what happened though, mutiny?
    • Government created the relic archive - but it was overrun.
    • The volcano hydrothermal plant, actually a secretive nuclear reactor, was infected in the early stages, transforming some into radioactive reavers, which infected others, turning them into zombies. But without sustenance, they would turn into infestors
    • I have no idea what happened to atlas. Whatever it was, it involved the black smoke
    • Moon is somehow involved. It was shattered by a meteor carrying the black smoke and other aliens, and somehow also infected even more people using sonar energy from the moon. In response, the military launched a mission to the moon to end the threat.
    Bosses and Locations: (courtesy of Cursed)

    Cult Leader (armament: club and smg): Kingswood Estate (lots of bandits, be careful)

    Preacher (armament: long-range snipers of some sort, kinda like a cattle gun sniper): Kult Commune (When it dies, explodes into lots of psychopaths with knives)

    Mech (armament: rockets): Overlord Aircraft Carrier

    Patient 0 (armament: fists): Hatch

    General Kingpin: (armament: various guns): Ark Sanctuary (spawns mercs alongside it)

    Smoke Monster: Tartarus (requires legendary rank)

    Saviour moon boss: Icarus (requires savior rank)

    WIP, obviously
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    Nice work! Really like this. Notes, the fast zombies are called Infestors. The bosses in the game are Cult Leader, Preacher, Mech, Patient 0, General Kingpin, Smoke Monster, and then the Saviour moon boss.
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