Here are some things yom said about the new Infernal

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    Since this is dead and I have no life i decided to go 20 pages back on yoms discord posting history thing and put some things here. Basically imma just gonna put some info here. Some stuff here may not make sense, cause context probably isn't provided. (Minecraft Overviewer)
    This was actually the first thing i found in the 20 pages.

    YomLast Sunday at 8:22 AM
    @Lord_belak I consider some monsters Apex Predators, or Encounter Bosses

    YomLast Sunday at 8:23 AM
    such as the T Rex's
    or Spinos
    random spawns

    YomLast Sunday at 8:23 AM
    of incredibly strong mobs
    Silverhides are meh
    they are in wildy

    YomLast Sunday at 8:23 AM
    less encountery

    YomLast Sunday at 8:32 AM

    Caverns are gnarly cuz they dark
    so even in day mobs spawn
    so if u fall in
    gotta fight ur way out

    YomLast Sunday at 8:33 AM


    YomLast Sunday at 8:42 AM

    YomLast Sunday at 8:44 AM
    gives 10
    Crystal Bolts are only used in the crystal crossbow currently
    but its a very good weap

    YomLast Sunday at 8:44 AM
    and its secondary

    YomLast Sunday at 8:46 AM
    gives confusion and hunger
    and still a good weapon just with its stats

    YomLast Sunday at 9:42 AM
    Crystal Snakes can be found in the Crystal Caves on the region Cam-Qan

    YomLast Sunday at 2:14 PM
    Comet Staffs
    bring down little meteor strike on command

    YomLast Sunday at 2:37 PM
    explosion based
    uses magical geodes to reload
    Mage exclusive

    YomLast Sunday at 8:40 PM

    YomLast Sunday at 8:43 PM
    they have a shutter gaze abilit
    they flash blind u
    so u go from blindness to sight back again
    and they give u hunger if you get hit with their acid spit
    and they fly away from you if you get close
    so tough to kill

    YomLast Sunday at 9:09 PM

    One of the new top tier encounter apex predators
    YomLast Sunday at 9:12 PM
    im willing to say that Beholders and specifically greater beholders are one of the toughest mobs to escape / kil
    YomLast Sunday at 9:12 PM
    since they have an ability to keep distance between you and it
    so it can acid spit u
    yes Beholders drop all sorts of valuables
    Greater Beholders have a 0.03% spawnrate in wilderness

    YomLast Monday at 5:39 PM
    Beds allow you to set your next respawn
    require 17 labour skill
    and you can place it down
    if someone breaks it they remove your spawn
    and beds only work 1 time
    so u need multiple for many lives

    YomLast Monday at 7:09 PM
    heres pikemans kit

    YomLast Monday at 7:11 PM


    YomLast Monday at 7:41 PM
    many items can be sold for money to traders
    but coins are the only convertible items to money
    coins <-> money
    but for example theres shops that buy stuff
    like the Oasia shop buys gold
    theres a shop in highguard that buys bird pets
    and a shop in tachi that buys lobsters and crabs
    lots of shops

    YomLast Monday at 11:28 PM
    Centaurs and Iron Brawlers added
    Centaurs like Beholders have an ability to where they keep away from you
    making it difficult to close distance
    they are mainly ranged fighters
    but if yu close the gap and get within 3 blocks they lung at you
    and melee strik

    YomLast Tuesday at 11:28 PM
    Minor change
    Raw food can now be eaten

    YomLast Tuesday at 11:28 PM
    however it gives hunger

    posting some more stuff in the comments cause it doesn't let me post all at once
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    YomLast Thursday at 4:35 AM

    Adding new stuff to every class kit
    That’s unique to each class
    Farmer gets a cool one
    The Harvest Scythe
    Which is a weapon
    But also can mine chop and dig
    every class now gets a unique item
    in their kit
    not just the combat classes

    YomLast Thursday at 4:48 AM

    I said
    all kits will be getting a unique item
    not ones that already have theirs

    YomLast Thursday at 4:50 AM

    Raider class gets Dynamite
    Explorer gets a Boomstick (Weak musket)
    Priest / Heretic get a walking stick

    YomLast Thursday at 4:50 AM

    Raider class gets Dynamite
    Explorer gets a Boomstick (Weak musket)
    Priest / Heretic get a walking stick

    YomLast Thursday at 5:00 AM

    Baleria is home of Dragons
    good spot to hunt them
    Griffins live in the north
    but some spawn south to
    they are Cavalier class exclusive tho
    Guardian class kit gets a full set of guardian armor
    which is really good
    and usable right away
    most alpha testers know the pain of not having armor
    guardian fixes that

    YomYesterday at 12:41 AM

    Farmers Harvest Scythe is an amazing item
    Farmer gets a great starter kit
    I also updated scythes
    Scythes now swoop
    unlike spears
    so they can hit multiple

    YomYesterday at 6:15 AM

    YomYesterday at 6:27 AM

    Found a way to add them quickly
    without affecting jaspers speed at fixing bugs
    Quests will be wide ranging
    and random

    YomYesterday at 6:28 AM

    Common will give easy-ish tasks with a mediocre reward
    rewards are random too
    while the higher up quests will offer much better rewards

    YomYesterday at 6:28 AM

    even ancient crates etc
    @Lord_belak quests will give random rewards
    so common for example
    has 1-3 rewards of the common reward list
    such as coins, exp, items
    treasure crate

    YomYesterday at 6:49 AM

    gives a task
    and these offer good rewards
    good exp
    Common Quests have a potential 300 exp reward
    and common quests get 1-3 rewards
    so potentially 900 exp
    they also can give coins

    YomYesterday at 6:55 AM

    Just blacklisted quests from being sold
    kinda defeats alot of the purpose of them
    Yes lord
    Ancients will have them as well

    YomYesterday at 6:57 AM

    Im hoping to also have adventure tasks
    such as "Visit Karhold"
    or "Travel 100 blocks by foot"
    Good news is this has an api
    so potentially in the future
    we could add more

    YomYesterday at 6:58 AM

    such as "Claim a location for your clan"
    or "Become King"
    Some current rewards you can get from these are
    Treasure, Mystic, Ancient, Omni Crates
    Dungeon, Worthy, Black, White Keys
    Coins of varying value
    Class, Skill, Booster Totems

    YomYesterday at 7:02 AM

    I just said one method
    Hearth Trees will also be important in getting totems
    also crats
    those will be the 3 main methods
    the good thing about these tasks
    is they also reward the player durig it
    since the player is doing things
    The difficulty can range quite a bit


    YomYesterday at 7:05 AM

    Dungeon Keys open all Boss rooms <Lvl.100
    Worthy keys open >Lvl.100

    YomYesterday at 7:05 AM

    and the white / black keys open the gods

    Im making it so quests cannot be used by others
    or stolen
    this is to avoid people trading quests
    this way
    you are forced to use the quests your ear

    YomYesterday at 7:50 AM

    Lowers value of them since they cant be traded
    but increases their purpose
    so currently
    Common Quest, Uncommon Quest, Rare Quest, and a Fabled Quest
    those are the tiers
    Fabled are incredibly hard to get
    and incredibly hard to complete
    but offer pretty awesome rewards

    YomYesterday at 9:57 AM

    Southeros's natural spawns now are much easier mobs
    removed mobs such as Wasps, Blights, TRex, and other difficult noob monsters from naturally spawning in Southeros
    Making noobs enjoy the experience upon first login is very important
    having them not die is important
    its only 1 region
    so still many other lands to explore

    YomYesterday at 12:25 PM

    @Caaaaaake they no longer spawn in southeros (This part referring to foxes)


    YomYesterday at 2:15 PM


    YomYesterday at 2:39 PM

    Dependant on the quest type @Suma
    but Quests will be likely one of the best progression methods
    even the lowest Common Quest can give you +900 exp
    in 1 go
    Not to mention what the quest itself gives right
    like doing it
    you accomplish stuff
    along the way

    YomYesterday at 2:40 PM

    900 exp would make you level 9 upon login
    and some tasks are very calm
    like just gathering resources
    or traveling
    and then theres the more dangerous ones

    YomYesterday at 2:41 PM

    such as monster hunter ones
    or the boss slayer ones
    or even the assassin ones
    where u need to kill players
    just remmeber if you die
    you drop the scroll

    YomYesterday at 2:57 PM


    YomYesterday at 10:00 PM

    When youre grinding Pixies for Quest Scrolls(edited)
    Current methods to get a random quest: Fishing, Killing Mobs, Killing Bosses, Looting, Crates, Shops
    Some mobs have a higher droprate
    and bosses tend to have a much higher drop
    loot has a 3%
    bosses 8%
    most mods are at 1-2%
    fishing is 3%
    Theres a shop that trades Lost Pages for a random quest
    Current Quest types: Slay Something, Defeat a Boss, Travel X Blocks by Land or Sea, Visit a location, Mine X of X Blocks, Place X of X Blocks, Kill X Players
    and prob more Im forgetting

    Well i lost my life. Also some of the stuff here may no longer be in the game, no idea what yom could do.
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    Ok merci bercoo
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