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Apr 25, 2016
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    1. Caprous
      MinecraftB0ss, can u pls look at my appeal? I was banned for ToggleSneak, which i did not know was not allowed on the server. I apologize for not checking if a mod i was using is allowed on YomNetwork as ToggleSneak/ToggleSprint are allowed on most servers, so i assumed it was allowed on YomNetwork too.I had disabled my mods, and if possible, i would like to continue playing on your server.
    2. multimarkboy
      uhm could someone help me? on the dayz server when i join i got stuck on a slab with a fence and now whenever i join i glitch into it and it auto kicks me saying he server went offline :/, dont have time to kill myself either.
      1. Phantis
        If your fast enough /suicide or you can try to use a gun with some kick like hold down m249 or spam a mossberg or be careful and try to spam and move off it.
        Feb 2, 2017
    3. DestinysProphet
      Hey MinecraftB0ss, if you don't remember the last time we met. We were talking about server development and how i used "Skript" and stuff like that. Well i've been doing Java for quite a while now (Since that day we talked) and i was wondering if i can be a developer on your team. I believe there is no Developer Application so am typing this here.
      PS. I changed my name to TheBeast572
    4. sgtforge2000
    5. Pooley321
      hey mr R.G
    6. GamerGamerFTW
      Do you really think that i'm a staff member?
    7. TowerCows
      hello are u online??
    8. jackson5212003
    9. Septimusthecat
      My account with all of my stuff and my helper rank recently got terminated by mojang what should I do?
    10. Septimusthecat
      I also donated for 5 ancient crates on infernal realms, and since the account is gone I have lost everything ):
    11. Septimusthecat
      Unfortunately the account lerchr was recently terminated by mojang. The account I currently play on is septimusthecat. Can you please switch my helper rank from lerchr to septimusthecat.

      Thank you for your time
    12. TazerParty
      Will i be able to get my seismic back?
      1. MinecraftB0ss
        when i see you on the server I can give you a seismic hammer.
        Dec 1, 2016
    13. 15hippo
      boss i need some help if i create a conversation will you reply
    14. whiteXD12
      MinecraftB0ss can you tell yom to just give me top rank on infernal realms if the things i want in infected is not accepted? XD
    15. Sharpness3
    16. MrBooshba
      Is there a way I can send one the owners a direct donation and then receive the rank that way because its not letting me donate through the website.
    17. buubadoof
      ok so I'm new to infernal realms i played the real old version before the remodel but I can't figure out are coins and gold different or can they be converted cause i need gold to buy things but i only have coins. sorry for bugging you
      1. Arnye
        Coins can be converted into gold, however it would cost more to buy and sell less.
        Nov 15, 2016
    18. TheDragonsFlame
      I need your help... I've found out why I cannot make an avatar... apparently, it's an error 403:
      "Error 403 Forbidden

      You don't have permission to access /account/avatar-upload on this server"

      Meaning... I can't change my avatar.
      (found out w/inspect element)
      1. MinecraftB0ss
        Seems to be working for everyone else. Possibly try uploading a smaller avatar
        Nov 10, 2016
      2. TheDragonsFlame
        I did.... same thing, even at the smallest recommended size (200x200 pixels)
        Nov 10, 2016
      3. TheDragonsFlame
        Nov 10, 2016
    19. TheDragonsFlame
      Is damage indicators permitted?
      1. MinecraftB0ss
        Nov 3, 2016
    20. DavidMFish
      can i get a custom package of 25 wildcard crates for $10 pls? and my card worked
      1. MinecraftB0ss
        Contact yom on teamspeak or in game for custom packages.
        Oct 27, 2016
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